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Candice Lapin,

Author, CEO of The Ladder Method

Before becoming a well-known life coach for kids and young teens in Los Angeles, Candice Lapin was a successful entrepreneur in both fashion and tech. Her eponymous fashion line graced the pages of German Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, In Style and Us Weekly to name a few. She later went on to launch a successful start up and was the first female invited into a start-up accelerator in Silicon Beach. Yet with all of her achievements, something was missing from Lapin’s life. For years, she had started one business after another yet felt seriously stifled and unfulfilled. She stumbled into mentoring young kids and teens after experiencing major burn out.

In those early months, it was her work with students who had learning difficulties and behavior problems that really raised her awareness. She saw what was missing from the educational field–process and study skills. But, it was her ability to teach children strong boundaries and positive academic behaviors routinely over several appointments per week were transformational. She saw the confidence of formerly troubled kids and teen’s skyrocket, as they finally understood what was missing from their life! It was in those early days that her inspirational method of instruction was born; and, her life was forever changed.                   

She now helms the successful learning company – The Ladder Method – where over 50 instructors teach her “Ladder Method” to thousands of young kids, teens, and even adults. She has helped countless families and children through her tireless focus on re-framing old modes of thinking by establishing consistent routines, strong boundaries and positive outlook.                                

In Parenting in the Age of Perfection: A Modern Guide to Nurturing a Success Mindset, Lapin guides parents through her life-changing lessons and tips that have shaped her own clients lives for the better. She takes those troublesome behaviors that frustrate parents and breaks down how to change them. Kids develop all sorts of unhelpful habits and attitudes that can be altered by re-focusing on positive behaviors and routines that all can be done at home. By making micro-shifts in your child’s environments, behaviors and mindsets, she shows parents how to help their tween or teen thrive! 



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