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Parenting in the Age of Perfection,

A Modern Guide To Nurturing a Success Mindset

Available February 2020. This book is a wake up call for today’s parents.

Author Candice Lapin explains that we, as a society, become a culture wildly afraid of imperfection. In our insta-everything world, we give people “our good side.” We pose. We curate. An entire generation is broadcasting their experiences as if they are spokes models for the perfect life.

Welcome to what meta-learning expert Lapin has dubbed the Perfection Age. In a world like this, the pressure for surface appearances has created no room for mistakes, compassion or imperfection. The result is a crisis of confidence.

In “Parenting in the Perfection Age,” Lapin draws on case studies, scientific research, and her own experiences as a successful learning and life coach to showcase patterns that feed into the environment of perfection, along with tools and skills to get children back on track.

In this book, parents will learn the techniques that Lapin has successfully used to transform her client’s lives. “Parenting in the Perfection Age” is the ideal field guide for any parent who wants a step-by-step method to change how they and their children approach school, life, and their inner world.

If you’re ready to help your child move to place of positivity, confidence and resilience, this is the book you’ve been waiting for.

About the Publisher:

A different kind of international book publisher. Fig Factor Media is an author-focused company that specializes in self-development, anthologies, business and children’s books that bring messages of hope, inspiration and encouragement into the world. If you have a story, we can help you publish it. If you are already published, we can make you a star!

Fig Factor Media will ignite your career as an author and offer proven methods to transform your mission into a movement. We help you define your passion to serve others and elevate the community, as well as impact the next generation with your story. We believe writing is an extension of your soul.

Book Testimonials

“This is great!!  Practical, sprinkled with research. You guide parents in a direct and clear way so that they can be empowered to develop strategies with their children who are navigating a world full of distractions. Parenting is not for the faint of heart — you have provided a road map and voice for them to follow.  I know your methods work from my son to the students I’ve watched flourish under your guidance.”

Assistant Head of School, Marlborough School for Girls

“In this age of perfection, Candice Lapin finds a brilliant way to remind parents that in fact the goal is not to raise perfect children, but rather, responsible and resilient ones. If you have a tween or teen struggling in school and you are looking for solutions, look no further. This book provides very practical steps for parents to use with the end result of building confident children who find their own way of tackling school. We are reminded that it is the environment, positive habits, and success mindset that work as a symphony to build the long-term result: a responsible and resilient adult.”

Author, Speaker, Champion of Teens

“In a world filled with endless distractions, Parenting in the Age of Perfection provides parents with practical tools to help their children focus and thrive. It forces parents to engage in crucial self-analysis and take inventory of their children’s daily routines. Rather than seeking outward solutions and validation, Parenting in the Age of Perfection encourages families to look inward, prioritize, and develop healthy habits for success.”

MomBlogger, Influencer, The Mom At Law

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